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Championing a love for the active lifestyle, our mission is to inspire, support, and celebrate individuals on their journey to embracing fitness as a joyful, sustainable way of life, fostering a community that thrives on passion, positivity, and personal growth.

Coach Matt.

"Hey my name is Matt, my start in health and fitness was a bit rough. Through my entire childhood and teenage years I struggled with obesity and mental health attached to that. I tried sports but was never able to lose weight or feel successful at those sports due to my weight. Around 18 years old is when I was really able to start making a change to my nutrition and lifestyle.

I lost 100+ lb over the course of two years. After losing the weight I felt amazing, like I had broken free of the prison that my body had become. I got very involved in crossfit and functional fitness. I excelled there in some ways, became a certified CrossFit coach and surrounded myself with my life at the gym. That is even where me and my wife Megan met. But in CrossFit my biggest weakness was my physical strength, though I had lost a significant amount of weight I just felt weak and small now. So I transitioned to olympic lifting to work on my strength, competed in that sport for years. Though that led into where I am now, competing in both Powerlifting and Bodybuilding.

So if you want to lose body fat? I know how to help you do that, I understand the struggle mentally as well as the steps it takes to be both successful at losing the weight as well as keeping the weight off. And if you want to build strength or muscle mass? Well I definitely know how to do that! When I first went into a gym I could hardly bench press 185, and a back squat at 275 felt impossible. Now 405 lb is a working weight for the bench and 585 lb is an easy back squat I don't even have to stress about. I can help lead and guide you to achieving your goals in gaining strength.