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Your Posture Correction Program will help you get rid of your daily aches and pains for good. Let’s get started!

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Step 1: Submit Your Payment

The Posture Correction Program is a one-time fee of $499. If you have not done so already, submit your payment:

Posture Correction Program

$499 (one-time fee)

If you’ve purchased a Custom Fitness Program, adding on the Posture Correction Program is only $249 (contact your coach for more information).

Step 2: Submit Your Assessment Pictures

Download our instructions for how to properly take the photos needed for your posture assessment:

Once you have taken your posture assessment pictures, email them to your coach.

Step 3: Your Initial Assessment

Once we have received your pictures, your coach will contact you to schedule your first session. Prior to your session, your coach will email you your corrective program.

During your initial session, you will go over the results of your assessment, your corrective program, and any other tips provided by your coach. If questions arise after your consultation, please feel free to email or text your coach.

Step 4: Attend Follow-up Sessions

Schedule two more coaching sessions to ensure proper execution of your posture correction plan.