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The Perfect Diet

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Overwhelmed obese woman looking at list of fad diets and surgical weight loss methods written on wall.

It’s time.

You’re ready to make a change. You’re ready to
achieve that goal you’ve been striving for so long.

It’s time to drop those unwanted pounds.

It’s time to get that sexy look.

It’s time to take your athletic performance to the next level.

It’s time to improve those numbers your physician has been nagging you about for years.

So, where do you start?

Your nutrition is going to play a huge role in achieving your health and fitness goals.

So… is it time to start a diet?

How about a cleanse? They detoxify your body and promise quick results.

What about Jillian Michaels? She says she can get you “ripped” in 30 days.

How about something with a points system?

You could try the Atkins, South Beach, or Mediterranean diets.

Then again, all those former NFLers had great results with NutriSystem.

You could always try eating like a caveman as well. Or you could simply cut out carbohydrates. Or should you cut out fats? Or should you just cut out meat?

We have all these options, but how can you know which one is best? Which one is going to get you results? Which one works?

Here’s the Secret…

They all work.Not what you expected to hear?

The truth is that almost all diets work, at least to some degree. That’s why you’ve heard of them. Diets that don’t work simply don’t gain widespread popularity.I’m certain all of you know someone who’s had success with Paleo, Atkins, Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, or some fad diet. So it’s hard to make a case that any specific one is better than all the others.

Why Do They Work?

On the surface, fad diets appear to have some glaring differences. However, at their core, they are all quite similar.

Yep, that’s right.

If you follow them properly, Paleo, Zone, Weight Watchers, plant-based eating plans, etc., all accomplish most, if not all, of the following:

1. Raising awareness

Regardless of the diet’s goal of cutting out carbohydrates, eating more vegetables, or going completely organic, most of these programs get you thinking more about what you’re putting in your body.

Many studies show that just simply paying more attention to what you eat plays a huge role in losing fat, gaining muscle, and/or improving your health.

2. Eliminating nutrient deficiencies

Almost all of these diet programs focus on shifting away from processed foods with little nutrient value, to more nutrient-dense, whole foods. Most place emphasis on an adequate intake of water, vitamins and minerals, protein, and healthy fats.

These nutrient deficiencies drain our energy, decrease our performance, and leave us more susceptible to illness. When these deficiencies are corrected, we often feel like a new person within a few short weeks.

This is what leads to those passionate (yes, sometimes annoying) fad diet groupies. Because they feel the change, they swear that their diet is the best.

3. Controlling food intake

Generally, eating more of these nutrient-dense, whole foods that eliminate nutrient deficiencies leads to a decrease in total food intake. Not only do these foods pack far more nutrients into fewer calories, but they also are far more filling.

When we combine more nutrients, fewer calories, and increased satiety we lose fat, gain lean muscle, and increase performance and overall health. We get back in touch with our appetite cues that tell us when we are truly hungry or full.

Best of all, it eliminates the need to count calories.

4. Getting you active

Since it takes a combination of diet and exercise to achieve significant results, many of these programs promote regular physical activity and exercise. This goes a long way in ensuring you promote growth of lean tissue instead of storing more fat.

Why Do They Fail?

So, if these diets promote all of these great habits, why don’t they work all the time? Why haven’t you had success with them?

1. Fad diets are too militant

All of the programs mentioned, and all fad diets for that matter, are rule-based systems. They require a military-like adherence to a list of rules that are implemented ALL at once. Trying to overhaul your lifestyle is a surefire way to put yourself on the fast-track to failure.

2. Fad diets are restrictive

On a similar note, most of these diets deal in absolutes.

Absolutely no carbohydrates. Absolutely no meat. Absolutely no… whatever.

If you try to turn a carnivore into a vegan, or vice versa, you will fail more often than not.

If you take away all of someone’s favorite foods for good, they will eventually fall off the wagon.

3. Diversity

“You can’t afford to eat all-organic? Well, you’re going to have to sell your car and take out a second mortgage on your house if you want to reach your goals.”

“You like carbs? Too bad. If you want to be healthy you have to stick to vegetables, protein, and fats, period. Say goodbye to pasta, bread, and sugar.”We are a diverse people. We have different body types, budgets, preferences, schedules, etc. There are countless variables that make everyone unique to some degree. So, just because some diet worked for your friend, doesn’t mean it will work for you.

The Solution

If you’re someone who has found a method that works for you, great!

If you swear by Paleo because it has gotten you results, and you are willing to make that a life-long change, stick with it. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

If you don’t fall into that category, my advice is to stop trying to fit yourself into a nutritional box. There’s this widespread mindset that we need to adjust our lives to fit a specific diet if we want to make progress with our health and fitness.

For all the reasons we’ve discuss, this rarely works. Most people fail to get results for any number of reasons. When they do get results, they are short-lived, because they are unable to maintain that lifestyle.

Our way of thinking is backwards.

In order to achieve lasting results, instead of adjusting our lives to fit some fad diet, we need to adjust our diets to fit our bodies and our lifestyles.

What does this look like?

Simply put, it’s eating the right foods, at the appropriate times, in the proper amounts.

So, if you are ready to make dieting a thing of the past and get the body you’ve always wanted, let us help. We will work with you to gradually build sustainable dietary habits that are tailored to you and will yield lasting results.

Start down your path your to success today and check out our nutrition coaching program at

No more boxes.

No more diets. Just results.